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Quora is a free question-and-answer app like the website with the same name. Before posing a question, you can search for similar ones in case someone has already answered it. If not, you post your question and then wait for the answers to come flooding in. Because viewers can rate each answer, there’s an incentive only to provide high-quality, relevant answers.

Quora is similar to an online forum. It’s a massive online community where you’re invited to post questions and answer other people’s questions.

Unlike niche forum websites like Stackoverflow, which focus solely on coding, hobby-forums for photographers, or a community website for model train enthusiasts, you can post any question you'd like on Quora with no limitations.

You’ll find questions for all kinds of topics, ranging from history to parenting techniques and everything else in between. Quora isn’t affiliated with any political party or institution and doesn’t have its staff members answering questions. Anyone can join the conversation and answer questions. You’ll find plenty of professionals and experts happy to respond to questions related to their field of expertise. 

To install the Quora app on your Android, follow these steps:


After installing the app, you’ll need to create your account. You can sign up using your email address, Google account, or Facebook account. After signing up, you’ll need to choose at least 10 topics that interest you. This will help Quora show you questions and stories you’ll like in a personalized feed. 

Popular topics include technology, movies, health, food, science, music, books, travel, history, and cooking. The list of topics available is near-endless, and there are many subtopics within each subject.

Quora will also ask which languages you know as it’s available in over 25 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Hindi, Dutch, Danish, and more.

You can use the Quora app to search for questions and stories and post questions of your own. The app itself is easy to use. At the top of the screen, you can access your account details like email address and name, private messages sent by other users, stats that show how many people have seen your content, bookmarks of your favorite answers and posts, and drafts of any content you haven’t finished writing yet.

At the bottom of the app, there are five icons with different functions. The Home button takes you back to the home screen. Here you’ll see your main feed, similar to Twitter and Facebook. The next icon is the Following icon. Here you can follow specific sub-topics like ‘Hacks for Excel’ or ‘Blockchain technology.’ 

The Answer icon lets you post your own question or answer other questions. You’ll see inquiries related to the topics you’re interested in and chose at the beginning. You can engage further with questions by following them, request someone specific to answer them, upvote or downvote the question and answers, or even leave a comment under someone’s answer.

The Spaces icon lets you create your own space to post about your interests on Quora and discover new ones.

The last icon is for notifications. Here you’ll see all your notifications received during the previous 25 days.

It’s hard to compare the two. Quora is a dedicated question-and-answer website and lets other people post their responses to your questions. In comparison, Google is a search engine and uses algorithms to determine which answer or website will respond to your question. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t let users rate each answer. If no one has asked a question like yours before, it’s possible Google won’t find an answer. Google has also been known to show irrelevant, wrong, or outdated answers. 

Quora is perfectly safe to use. The app has pass Google's safety checks and doesn’t contain any malware

While it’s rated for use by ages 13 and older, younger users should only use it under supervision due to the sometimes graphic or distressing topics available for discussion. 

Quora provides the option for you to add questions and answers anonymously. This means other users can’t see your identity.

To post a question anonymously, you tap the drop-down menu next to your name and select ‘Anonymous.’ To answer a question anonymously, you tap on the three dots below the question and choose ‘Answer Anonymously.’ You’ll then go to a unique anonymous editing page.

Quora is a unique app, and there aren’t really any alternatives. The Wikipedia app lets you access their free and open-source knowledge database, but it doesn’t let you post your own questions and answers. The Reddit app is the closest alternative. It’s a collection of communities known as subreddits where users can join freely. However, its focus isn’t only on answering and asking questions, but rather on facilitating open discussions. 

Quora’s Q&A format allows you to post questions and answers through your Android phone quickly. With just a few taps, you can join the online conversation and help educate yourself and others. The accuracy of replies may vary as there’s no screening process. The rating system will, however, help ensure that only useful or factually correct answers are posted.

The app also lets you follow topics you’re interested in and freely browse all questions and answers posted, with the option to post anonymously. The service is entirely free of charge, with no subscription or one-time payments. Quora makes revenue from displaying non-intrusive ads.


  • Post any question you want
  • Respond to other questions
  • Rate each question and answer
  • App is easy to use and responsive


  • No screening process for answers

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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  • donnaoakpk

    by donnaoakpk

    Very difficult to get this started. Was using Quora and enjoyed it, but now am unable to access it and do not know the reason for this.


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